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In processors the new MacBook will be used “reverse Hyper-Threading”

In the new generation of processors Intel technology is being used the item has been added “reverse Hyper-Threading”, according to Heise. The use of this development involves the pooling of resources of several cores on the chip to perform a single thread.

Hyper Threading is the ability of one physical core to work on multiple tasks. As a result, for example, the Intel Core i7 has 4 physical cores, but can work with up to eight threads. “Reverse Hyper Threading”, by contrast, allows you to combine multiple cores to work on one volume task. As a result, the cycle can be completed in 3-4 times more instructions, that improves performance in programs.

The appropriate conclusion was made by a German resource, comparing the work of 4-core processors Core i7-6700K (the item has been added) and Core i7-4790K (Haswell) in the test SPEC CPU2006. The first four points of the graph correspond to physical cores and four logical. As the chart shows, in the case of Haswell, the performance increases as the inclusion of physical cores, then decreases when connecting the fifth stream and slowly returns to the maximum value with further increases in the number of threads.

The behavior of the item has been added radically different. In fact, throughout most of the graphics performance decreases with increasing number of threads. But from the outset, the processor demonstrates a significant advantage over Haswell on a small number of threads, which gradually decreases with increase in their number.

Intel chips the item has been added will be used in the line of portable computers MacBook 2015. Compared to the current processors Broadwell they will provide increased overall productivity by 10-20% per watt of energy used, the performance of embedded graphics in 3D games will grow to the limit of 50%. Another important advantage of the item has been added compared to Broadwell is reduced power consumption.

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It is expected that more detailed information about the item has been added microarchitecture will be announced at the IDF event 2015 in San Francisco.

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