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In Opera Mini for iOS has a “night mode”

Developers of mobile browser Opera Mini has released a new version of the application. In update number 10.2 a special “night mode” to work with the Internet in the evening.

Night Mode feature in the browser allows you to read text and view images even in low light. To this end, the program reduces the brightness of the screen of the iPhone and iPad. And provides a special option Bedtime, which filters blue color. Studies show that it prevents the suppression of melatonin production, which is extremely important at night.

The main feature of Opera Mini is able to reduce the buffer time by reducing the size of video data. And thanks to Rocket Optimizer technology, videoscoralie also allows you to save money on mobile Internet.

Opera Mini compresses images and text on the visited web sites, reducing the amount of data downloaded. Don’t worry about the cost of roaming charges. Also, we took care of that on loading pages took as little time as possible. We strive to provide you with fast Internet connectivity and lightning-fast access to the sites without extra costs”, – stated in the message of the developers

Videoscoralie in Opera Mini becomes available once users activate videooriginal in Opera Turbo mode. You will need to go in the program menu and clicking the “About” and click on the statistics save data, then you can change the mode. Videoscoralie also will show how the video was optimized.

Opera Mini offers three levels of data compression: maximum mode Opera Mini that compresses files up to 10% of their original size, the Opera Turbo mode, offering a medium level of compression, but higher compatibility with sites, and the off mode saving data for browsing without compression and with the most complete compatibility.

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New version of Opera Mini can be downloaded from the App Store at this link.

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