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In night club of Perm Krai two girls undressed for iPhone 5s

The Internet is gaining popularity video, the contents of which outraged the public. In the city of Berezniki of the Perm edge in night club girls participated in the competition and fully undressed for the iPhone 5s.

In order to receive the coveted prize, visitors of the night club had to dance on the stage. The coveted prize was an Apple. Rear decided two local residents.

The condition for obtaining the coveted prize was an intimate dance on stage. During the contest, obviously, the degree of fun growing up, and the lead began to provoke the two participants that they got rid of the clothes, local media reported with reference to eyewitnesses. The ultimate outcome of these actions was that they were completely naked.

The locals are extremely angered by this act. In the comments began to appear angry record, which had shown a clear negative attitude to the contestants.

“How can you not respect yourself? For a tchotchke!”, — outraged the team on forums and in social networks. Contestants are awarded very unflattering epithets, noting that “it would be better if they get my win.”

“They’ll break their face guys, if you see this video”, — predict the most cautious. “It’s a nightmare, comrades! No way to live,” summed up one of the forum members.

This is not the first incident of this kind. Previously, a similar draw was arranged videoblogger on the night of freshman at one of the clubs of St. Petersburg. The campaign called “Honor vs iPhone 6 Plus”. The organizers said that the society is losing its moral compass, and they thus seek to denounce Vice.

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