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In Moscow will launch the application to call emergency services

Mobile application to call emergency city services without a call will appear in Moscow. Muscovites will not have to record the coordinates of the scene, the app will identify the location and send location service 112.

“Mobile service will be called “112.” It will test this year. It is expected that users will be able to send a request to the service 112 without verbal communication with the operator,” — said the representative of the Moscow Department of information technologies of Moscow city Yuri Chuljukov.

In his opinion, will be very useful in cases when there is no possibility to make a phone call.

The application will transfer the call to different emergency services: “the Firefighters and rescue workers, Police and traffic police”, “Ambulance”, “Mosgaz”. For people who find it hard to navigate in an emergency, there will be a option “don’t know whom to call”.

The app will send a notification as soon as help gets here. While everyone will be able to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of city emergency services by placing a rating from one to five.

The program will also include the ability to send photos and videos from the scene.

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