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In Moscow started the application for complaints about the operation of trains

For passengers of trains has launched a mobile app “people’s control”, according to m24 with reference to the press service of the “Central suburban passenger company” (CFPP).

With the app, users can report abuse of cashiers, the absence of a at stations information about a scheduled or non-working ticket machines. In addition, it is possible to complain of Smoking in trains and improper appearance of employees.

“Cases that do not require an official investigation, shall be processed within the day,” he added in CFPP.

To submit your application, you must register to specify the location of the incident on the map or in the search bar and fill in all the fields on the form for application. After processing your application, the passenger will be sent a response.

The app is already available on all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Send your claim on the website “people’s control”.

Earlier, the head of Department on public relations of the CFPP Ilya Chernyaev reported that for the verified complaint, bonus points, which can then either be redeemed for a free gift: pen, stick, mug, or get a discount on tickets. The most substantial of complaints will be posted on the first page of the application.

Also in 2015 the company is planning to launch the app using which you can buy electronic tickets on the train.

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