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In Moscow, cheaper public transport for users of the iPhone and Apple Watch

From 1 January 2017 for users of the payment system Apple Pay cheaper fares on public transport. Although tariffs rose by 7.5%, when using your iPhone and Apple Pay, the fare will cost 20% cheaper. This was announced by the Deputy head of the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure Alina Bisembaeva.

From Sunday the cost of one trip ticket “Single” was increased from 50 to 55 rubles, and two trips from 100 to 110 rubles, for 20 trips — from 650 to 720, 40 of trips — from 1300 to 1440 rubles, and 60 trips — from 1570 to 1700 rubles. on the map “Troika” — from 32 to 35 rubles. All travel benefits are maintained, and retired veterans and members of large families can still ride for free.

For passengers paying fares using payment system, Apple Pay or Bank card cost, on the contrary decreased: now one trip will cost 40 roubles – 20% cheaper. Special discount for users of “Apple” devices, the Moscow authorities announced in December.

The cost of unlimited travel for 30 days only land transport has risen from 970 to 1040 rubles, the ticket for 60 trips — from 1000 to 1150 rubles. Travel for students and pupils with the New year rose slightly: from 365 to 380 rubles for a metro ticket, from 240 to 250 rubles for a journey on public transport.

The cost of a single trip in the metro increased from 1 January in St. Petersburg. Now residents of the Northern capital will have to pay not 35, but 45 rubles. Travel will rise to a maximum of 7.7%. The increase in the cost of travel associated with the increase in electricity tariffs, fuel costs and so on.

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