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In many countries, the initial price of the iPhone X above 1300 $

The initial price of the iPhone X in the United States amounted to $ 999, but in other countries it was even higher. It is reported 9to5Mac.

Judging by the list, which amounted to businessinsider, the most expensive iPhone X in Russia. It costs 79 990 rubles, or 1390 USD. This case is not unique: similar price for the new gadget in most countries of continental Europe, the UK and Mexico.

But don’t blame Apple for artificially inflating prices, even in the United States the cost of the smartphone are subject to tax. Therefore, price iPhone X depends on the tax laws of any state.

For example, in the UK sales tax (known as value added tax or VAT) is 20%. Thus, the price of 999 pounds is 832,50 pounds (1127 $) before tax.

iPhone X — the new smartphone from Apple c 5.8-inch screen, no Home button, but with facial recognition. the Company unveiled its September 12, 2017.

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