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In London arrested member of the hacker group threatening to remove 300 million users of iPhone and iPad

The national Agency for the fight against crime in the UK (NCA) arrested in London on suspicion of the implementation of cyber attacks and extortion. According to the edition Motherboard, we are talking about the member of hacker group Turkish Crime Family, blackmailing Apple.

According to the NCA, 20-year-old British citizen arrested with the purpose of interrogation. According to the alleged warrant of arrest linked to the investigation into the blackmail of Apple group, Turkish Crime Family.

Last week, we will remind, the group of hackers said that it has access to more than 300 million accounts and Apple. This iCloud account, and e-mail domains @icloud and @me.

Burglars have stated that they plan to make the attack on 7 April, if Apple does not pay a ransom. They demanded from the Corporation of $100,000 for each of the seven members of the organization, or iTunes gift cards in denominations of $1 million for immediate resale in the amount of 60% of the original value.

In Cupertino stated that the servers and company databases were not compromised and suggested data leakage from third-party services such as LinkedIn. Edition ZDNet received from one of the participants of hacker grouping array data 54 access to iCloud accounts. They were all workers: journalists managed to contact 10 owners, to warn them of the danger and ask them to change the password.

Representatives of the group confirmed to reporters that the guy riding it was not in contact with them since March 28. “It is now accused of creating and managing all of the group. His friend was at his house during the arrest, removed virtually all on camera and sent it to us”, – said the members of the group.

Turkish Crime Family sent reporters a link to a video of the alleged search warrant and a warrant. NCA has not confirmed whether the prisoner the same person whose name is indicated in the order.

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