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In Krasnoyarsk skier stripped in 20-degree cold for the iPhone 7

Girl in Krasnoyarsk bare in the 20-degree cold for the iPhone 7. Photo of the winner was published in Instagram Fanpark “beaver log”, which held a contest.

As it turned out, the girl under the pseudonym “m_daxa” got the prize due to the observance of contest rules:

“We had to put the photo at the festival, and the author of the best picture was awarded the iPhone 7. From 12 to 18.00 was posted 358 photos” — a comment Fanpage.

The organizers chose a long time winner, in the end the choice fell on the girl: frost future winner was photographed in a Jogging top and ski pants in the arms of puppets — the symbol of the Universiade and the symbol of the Park.

Users reacted differently to the victory of the skier. “Well won the girl done)there would have to be happy for her,congratulations should be … human,” writes leno4ka24. “Given that you position yourself as a “family fun Park”, is very strange to see a girl winner in the category 16+,” – protested art3m_the_one.

“A few “weird and annoying” that a picture of the winner is not a photo, where supports sporting traditions, continuity of generations, family values… it won “Cisco”…” – added elvira9658.

The administration explained that the iPhone 7 was given for “the symbolic”: a platform Funpark will be involved in the Universiade, and the beaver is the second after the snowflake symbol.

The girl that same evening, handed over the smartphone, by writing about her victory under the posted photo. After that, the winner has closed his profile in Instagram.

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