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In Japan created a slot cartridges for smartphones

The app icon on the iPhone screen does not give the feeling of owning a game that provided the classic cartridges for the video. This, apparently, was guided by the developers of Beatrobo, creating a game cartridge for smartphones. A device that connects to the iPhone via the standard audio Jack, was presented at the exhibition Tokio Game Show 2015.

Actually Pico Cassette is not a native game application, and the access key to the content that is downloaded from the Internet. Thanks to the key the user can keep the game on the server and play them from any device which will connect Pico Cassette.

Product is designed for experiencing the nostalgia of users. It also indicates the appearance of the device — the shape of it resembles a smaller version cartridge video game console of Nintendo, copies of which were known in Russia as Dendy.

On Tokio Game Show was presented a working prototype of the Pico Cassette that allows you to run similar to the popular Flappy Bird arcade. At this stage the company is in negotiations with partners and relies on funding through a crowdfunding campaign.

The Japanese plans to work with content partners for the release of game titles in the form of a compact cartridge for the iPhone. Possible price Pico Cassette is not reported.

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