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In iOS 9.3 has the opportunity formally to hide system apps

Previously, in order to hide unwanted icons from the screen iPhone and iPad users had to go to lengths to use the tricks with folders to create background images in color icons and even to resort to jailbreak. But now it’s in the past.

With the release of iOS 9.3 we all want the opportunity to legally get rid of unnecessary applications. To do this is not as easy as I wanted. However, now users can finally solve the problem of unnecessary icons. The process described by Reddit user under the nickname bfodder.

To hide unwanted icons, you need to use Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta to create a new profile. In its properties you want to make active item “Do not allow some apps” on the Apps tab section Restrictions. One should add here the IDs of the applications to be removed from the screen, for example or, and then connect the device to your computer and to “fill” the profile. The icons of these apps will disappear from home screen.

“I note that you have to configure the General section to save the profile. When you connect your device, right click, then Add –> Profiles. Then, specify the profile that you saved. In the end you will confirm the installation of the profile on the device itself,” explained the developer.

Below is a list of identifiers for all standard applications in iOS:

  • – Shares
  • – Tips
  • – Video
  • – Mail
  • Notes
  • – Reminders
  • is the Calculator
  • – Maps
  • – Music
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • – the iTunes Store
  • Messages
  • – Voice memo
  • – Weather
  • – Podcasts
  • – Game Center
  • – Watch
  • – Find friends
  • – iBooks
  • – Find my iPhone
  • – Watch
  • – Photos
  • – Configure
  • – Camera
  • – FaceTime
  • Contacts
  • – Apple News
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If you don’t have access to Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta to create a profile, you can use this method.

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