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In iOS 9.2.1 and error, which is present on iPhone with iOS version 9.0

IOS upgrade 9.2.1 brought an unpleasant surprise to users of iPhone and iPad. Although the stated purpose of the release – bug fixes, Apple did not fix the crashing, which is present in the OS since the release of iOS 9.0.

The problem drew the attention of the resource Ars Technica. How do I find the reviewers of the portal, iOS 9.2.1 still there is a bug which incorrectly displays the battery level of the iPhone. It exists since iOS version 9.0, released in September last year and brings lot of troubles for the owners of smartphones.

Apple has confirmed to journalists that in iOS 9.2.1 remains a bug with the battery indicator. More precisely, the charge indicator remains at the same level and not updated, so users may think that the smartphone will last for a long time, when in fact he was close to discharge.

In Cupertino noted that the problem may still occur in cases when the user manually changes the time on the iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus or with automatic change time zone of the machine during travel. In both cases the display indicator battery level stops updating. Recommended at the moment solution – the iPhone restart and automatic time setting (Settings – General – Check the date and time).

The problem of this type can be solved with a software update of the operating system. Now in development at Apple is a massive update for iOS 9.3 beta which recently became available for download. It is hoped that it will contain the needed fix.

Apple representatives promised to solve the problem of indication of the battery life of their smartphones. However, according to the latest data, the release of iOS 9.3 will take place no earlier than March of this year.

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