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In iOS 11 have the opportunity to turn off iPhone with broken power button

In iOS 11 many minor innovations, which Apple omitted at WWDC. For example, in the new operating system there is the option of turning off the device in case of broken power button.

How to turn off iPhone iOS 11:

Step 1. In order to test the innovation, of course, need the first beta version of iOS 11. The presence of this function in the next test builds and the final release is not yet confirmed. If your gadget is equipped with the new OS, open Settings.

Step 2. Go to Settings -> General.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and the last item will be highlighted inscription “Off.” A new option is directly under the paragraph “Reset”.

Step 4. Click “Disable”. Your iPhone is not activated immediately: there will be a standard screen off iOS devices, where you need to pull the slider “turn Off” to confirm the action.

The function seems negligible, but for iPhone users with broken power button it will be extremely useful.

Many suffer due to problems with the hardware and buttons. Apple cannot completely solve the problem, but trying to make owners of faulty devices life with such functions.

In addition, the emergence of software way to turn off the iOS devices is interesting on the background of rumors about missing the Home button in the iPhone 8.

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