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In iOS 11 changed tracking your location on iPhone and iPad

IOS 11, Apple has added a more visual notice to the user of when an application collects location information in the background. Mapping app or a fitness program can use the location information of the owner of the iPhone and iPad, but Apple wants to make sure data is sent with the user’s consent. To solve this problem, in iOS 11 introduced a new notification using the location information – if any application in the background to track the movement of the person at the top of the screen there is a blue band with an appropriate inscription.

If an application really need your coordinates

In iOS 8 the function of the app that allows you to add more options to select a location tracking. To the standard “Never” and “Always” in the section “allow access to location” add another item “When using the program.”

Thus, application developers could explain to user that their location is tracked only when the application is running. These settings can be changed under Settings -> Privacy -> location Services.

It all worked well, but not quite as Apple had planned. The company’s engineers reported that 80% of apps do have access to the location only when working, but among the 20% of the remaining there were a lot of programs that don’t need to know the location of the user in principle.

IOS 11, Apple has made a change that will affect both new and legacy applications. Every application that requests for permanent tracking the location must offer the option “When using the program.” The order of permissions in the pop-up window should be: “When you use”, “Allow always”, “Not allow”.

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Once the request has been rejected, the more the developer is not entitled to submit a request. To change the decision of the owner of an iPhone or iPad, only through the settings.

A visual display of the background tracking of location

Previously, if some application were given constant access to location services in the status bar display a small arrow. IOS 11, Apple has made it easier – if the program continually monitors the user appears at the top blue bar with the app name and the message “the Program uses your location”. Thus, the user will immediately know that, for example, Google Maps is constantly watching him. And it not depends on the application gave you permanent access or just during use.

The blue indicator in the status bar can not be overlooked, so probably users will start to change privacy settings or to inform about the strange behavior of programs in the Apple. In the end, it will lead to the fact that developers will cease to track the location of people for no apparent reason, or will clearly explain why the app needs to know where you are.

If the application needs from time to time to update the location information, iOS will show a huge blue bar, instead, at the time of transfer of information will appear a small arrow, like in iOS 10.

Some users who have already installed iOS 11, complain about the persistent notification at the top of the screen. Some even asked to implement the function “do Not display blue bar for this app, I like it”. In fact, irritation from the usual iPhone and iPad, as mentioned above, will be a motivating factor for developers to disable the constant tracking without the need to give a clear explanation about why the program know the location of the person.

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