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In iOS 10.3 users were the first to change app icons

One of the improvements iOS 10.3 revealed a new function that is associated with the application icons. Now, developers can give users the ability to change app icons on iPhone and iPad in its sole discretion.

The first on this possibility drew the attention of the users of the official app of major League baseball When you run the program in iOS 10.3 users are encouraged to choose the icon which team they want to see on your desktop. First discovered this in the App Store app with similar functionality (test here).

In the new version of the operating system in order to change the icon, the developer does not need to undergo the process of preparation of updates and submitting it for approval to the Apple moderators. The icon can be changed at any time. Moreover, as we have seen, it is available not only to the developer but the user.

As previously revealed, the app can not change the icon if it is on the active screen of the mobile device. The function “hot” replacement of icons is not available for devices that participate in educational programs.

The possibility of replacing the icons promises some new features. First, developers will be able to change them on time promotional companies or in the holidays. Theoretically, the game can put new icons depending on the passage. In turn, a weather app can display different icons corresponding to the current weather conditions.

Note that in iOS 10.3 also provides application developers the ability to reply to user reviews in the App Store. In addition, owners of mobile devices Apple can put the ratings of games and programs, without leaving them. Each application can be sent during the year no more than three requests to rate.

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