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In iOS 10.3 users now have the ability to put ratings without leaving the application developers to respond to reviews

Along with the release of iOS 10.3 Apple has given developers the ability to reply to users in the App Store and Mac App Store.

Monday saw the release of the final version of iOS 10.3. And application developers had the opportunity to respond to comments and reviews to their games and programs. They have long asked Apple to establish a closer interaction with the audience and it has now become possible.

Developers will not only be able to respond quickly to your problems, but also against unscrupulous users or competitors through publication of official answers. Users will be able to report those who abuse the relative openness of the App Store.

In addition, the owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac got the opportunity to mark the applications without exiting them. In the framework StoreKit API in iOS 10.3 there is a new standard notification with a request to rate the app. Now users will be able to put the stars without leaving the game or program.

It should be noted that this innovation has a downside: in the iOS settings 10.3 has a switch that allows you to prevent all apps to prompt users to supply a rating. Thus, Apple has met iPhone and iPad, which are annoying pop-up messages with obsessive requests to rate the app in the App Store.

The ability to respond to user reviews in the App Store the developers were waiting for from the first day of the store, because in many cases, people write reviews to tell that they have something not work and complain.

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