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In iOS 10.3 the CarPlay interface will become easier to use

Creating a car interface, CarPlay, Apple decided to stick with the standard paradigm iOS: Home button returns you to the main screen with the icons of apps. It’s pretty obvious why: it is simple and familiar to all users of UI.

In the case of automobile interface, the two most frequently used functions: automotive navigation and music playback control. Now in order to switch between these tasks, the driver needs to press twice the button once to return to the desktop and once for the calling application. This is not a problem if the car is in the Parking lot, but while driving, every second counts.

In the new version of the iOS operating system 10.3 the company solved this problem by proposing an additional element of the interface CarPlay. Now, instead of one icon in the upper left corner shows three. This is the list of recent running apps through which you can quickly move from one task to the other to switch between, say, navigation, messages and Podcasts.

The change may not seem too significant, but in practice, it is a very important innovation. And this is another sign that Apple is ready to improve and optimize interfaces, guided by expediency and common sense. The concept of iOS as a whole is comfortable, but on different devices, whether iPad, Apple Watch, CarPlay or the developers are not afraid to make the necessary changes.

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