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In ICQ appeared thousands of open chats

ICQ had opened the window live chat for mobile users. In the “live” chat can simultaneously communicate an unlimited number of participants.

Now in the new ICQ, a new tab-window with the list live chat. To join the conversation can anyone. Each chat can chat over 10 000 people.

Now users there are several ICQ chat rooms. For example, you can exchange opinions about the demolition of stalls at live-chat “Moscow” to discuss novelties in the chat “Mobile games”, to talk about sports in “Rocking”, to agree on a joint trip or to boast of the trophies in the conversation “Hunting and fishing”, tell about her methods of upbringing in the “Young moms”. Chats are selected by subject and geolocation of users.

The participants of the chat is available all the usual functions: they can chat, share files up to 4 GB, share useful links, to send and receive voice messages with speech recognition.

To favorites live chat you can invite your friends. Each chat correspond to the Permalink, which you can share on social networks. In addition, users of iOS or Android version of ICQ can add your friends in chat directly. To join the conversation and chat with any official version ICQ with reference phone numbers — both mobile and desktop.

At the moment, to create live chat-administrator users ICQ. To create a similar chat with a large active audience, send a request to In the near future it is planned to test the creation of live chat users

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