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In Greece due to the economic situation has ceased to make payments iCloud, iTunes and App Store

On Monday, the Greek authorities have decided to suspend international online payments. Make transfers and to pay off credit cards until you have only the operations in the country. As a result, users of iPhone and iPad there was a problem with the payment of cloud services at Apple.

As told to Bloomberg, one of the locals, 30 June, he could not renew it in iCloud Drive, resulting in lost opportunities to work with content in the cloud. Apple sent him a letter warning.

On June 30 we tried to withdraw from your account to pay for 20 GB of cloud service iCloud, but there was a problem with payment. If we fail to renew your subscription, your account will be transferred to the plan with five free gigabytes”, – stated in the message Apple. The problem is particularly acute with the recent launch of the streaming service Apple Music.

According to the Agency, now in the country transfers can only be done within it. The European Commission has agreed to entered into the country limitations despite the fact that they contradict the agreements of the EU on the free movement of capital. As stated by the European Commissioner for financial services Jonathan hill, “in the current situation, the stabilization of the financial and banking system in Greece is the most important issue of public policy”.

“Although the introduction of such restrictive measures is necessary, the free movement of capital should be reinstated as soon as possible. It will be in the interests of the Greek economy, the Eurozone and the European Union,” said Jonathan hill.

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5 July in Greece will be a referendum on the agreement with international lenders. It made the question of the relation of citizens to the draft agreement presented by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International monetary Fund.

Earlier, the government officially announced the suspension of the country’s banks until July 6, and the introduction of daily limits on cash withdrawals at the Bank level is 60 euros per day with one account per person in each Bank.

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