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In Google Chrome for iOS now QR and barcodes

Google has released an update to Chrome for iOS that hid a useful option. The function opened with the 3D Touch gesture.

For owners of smartphones and tablets on iOS Chrome 56 has a QR code reader. Now you can scan a code or barcode, using the context menu of the application with the 3D Touch.

Earlier, similar functionality was only available on Android. To access the reader enough light pressure to press the Chrome icon and choose reader. Also the option can be invoked by entering the query “QR” in the standard Spotlight search.

If the camera of the mobile device scans a QR code, the browser redirects the user over an encrypted link in it, and if the bar code- opens the search page of Google with prices and product reviews.

Two-dimensional barcodes are often applied to products in stores (e.g., reading the black-and-white square, you can get a detailed description of the product and its availability), on the pages of paper magazines are used as an electronic analog of the entrance ticket to the Museum or cinema.

In Russia, the QR codes were not popular. Better technology has taken root in India, where it employs some payment services and many local services.

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