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In Germany Internet speed 50 Mbps will make standard by 2018

In Germany decided to make public Internet access at speeds of 50 Mbit/s. This speed by 2018 should be available to all users throughout the country.

According to Akamai Technologies, the average Internet speed in the world is 4.5 Mbps. And the leader in this race is South Korea’s average connection speed to the Network in this country to 25.3 Mbps To three years ahead of the Koreans, the German government is going to allocate 2.7 billion euros for infrastructure improvement.

If Germany will be able to implement their plans, that the people of this country will receive a 10-fold increase in the speed of broadband compared to the global average. The funding for the project it is planned to involve local providers. About half of the total costs will be financed from the Federal budget, 40% of the budgets of the länder (Federal States), with 10% to be funded by the public.

In Russia, the average speed of Internet access is 9.1 Mbps. In the rating of our country is on the 29th place, ahead of Germany, Italy and France.

Russia is among the leaders and the average maximum speed of mobile Internet in EMEA (Europe, middle East, Africa). The figure is 44.4 Mbps, and the three first place was taken by Turkey (59,5 Mbps), Germany (56 Mbps) and the UK (51 Mbps).

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