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In future models of Samsung Galaxy may receive the sensor for environmental assessment

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 Samsung received a patent for a built-in smartphone sensor analysis of air contaminants.

The developed component can analyze the ambient air quality and to inform users of vital information about the environment where they are. According to issued in South Korea the patent, the sensor may be embedded in smartphones, tablets and smart watches. The document took a year and a half.

According to Samsung, the existing market sensors are imperfect — they are too large or too small and insufficiently sensitive. He obtained a patent for invention, with its compact size and high accuracy of readings. The new scanner is so flat that can be installed to the smartphone without increasing the size of the housing.

Modern smartphones are now able to warn of the impending bad weather. Analysis of air quality and pollution — important information for residents of the largest cities in the world, especially in densely populated regions of Asia.

The sensor will estimate the purity of the air and tell when to wear a mud mask. People going abroad will be able to validate the data in real time and take necessary protection measures.

Earlier, Samsung had already released Galaxy c sensor UV-radiation warning about increased solar activity. The new sensor will be useful to more users.

It is difficult to say when the invention will appear in new smartphones the company, and whether they have the Samsung Galaxy S8 coming out in 2018.

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