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In Facebook Messenger, will appear self-destructing messages

The developers of Facebook Messenger plan to add in messenger feature of disappearing messages. Currently, it is already being tested by the social network. To switch to the desired mode the user will simply press the hourglass icon in the upper right corner.

The function of “self-destruction” could be activated to any conversation. Enabling this option will trigger a timer for the message will automatically disappear from the feed after a specified period of time. The user can choose 1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours or 1 day. After sending confirmation, data is transferred to the interlocutor. Mode will only work for the selected conversation, and not all of messenger users, and can be disabled at any time.

The condition for receiving self-destructing messages – there is a new version of the messenger. To recover data after removal will be impossible. On the Network available screenshots of the iOS version of Facebook Messenger updated for iOS.

A similar function was originally founded in the messenger Snapchat, where the photos and videos self-destruct after a few seconds, or 24 hours after viewing. Recently similar features have been launched and some other applications, including popular in Asia, Line and WeChat.

At the end of 2015 in Russia popular messenger Viber has also launched a disappearing message. The feature is available to all users after installation of additional applications Wink and represents an opportunity to send self-destructing messages/photos/videos.

The precise date of widespread implementation of a new feature in Facebook Messenger is still unknown. The administration of the social network has no comment.

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