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In every other banking app on iOS has revealed a vulnerability in Android – 70%

Mobile apps created by banks for Android, proved more vulnerable than iOS: 70% vs. 50%. This was reported by representatives of the company in the information security Positive Technologies at a press conference at the forum on practical security PHDays in Moscow.

On average, every Android application contains 3,7 critically gaps, whereas in iOS, this figure is 2.3 vulnerability.

In addition, Lenta notes that, as of last year, Russia was ranked second by number of ATMs (571), which can be accessed on the Internet, ground — Pakistan (1458).

The company noted that this year the situation has improved: for example, the number of ATMs, “visible” on the network of one of the banks that managed to identify, at beginning of year current year amounted to about 80 pieces, while in may 2015, this figure dropped to 33 ATM. Often this problem is related to the fact that the ATMs of Russian companies do not update the software and use the outdated Windows XP.

Positive Technologies is an international company with offices in Moscow, London and Boston, working in the field of information security (INFOSEC). The staff consists of developers, consultants and experts in the field of information security.

Positive hack days is an annual international forum on information security.

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