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In China, iPhone 6s exploded while charging [photos]

The fire smartphone has long been not unusual. Burn everything: Chinese “government employees” and expensive iPhone. In recent times the media have reported cases of fire or explosion iPhone 6. This summer, the “Apple” smartphone exploded while charging from the adapter for the iPad. Then it became known that the “six”, I nearly mauled its owner in Saudi Arabia, causing burns of I degree. Now the first recorded case of spontaneous combustion the latest iPhone 6s.

The owner of the flagship smartphone by Apple under the name Intermediate Daren told about the incident with his device. iPhone 6s were in charge, how suddenly caught fire and then erupted. Blog Weibo user posted photos of mutilated apparatus is in pink.

As a result of damage received the body and the main camera of the iPhone 6s, located on the rear lens cap. According to Daren Intermediate, the explosion was not very strong. However, the photos show that the white plastic insert built into the upper part of the housing, melted and changed the color.

The blogger claims that the iPhone was purchased in the official online Apple store. Have you used Chinese original exercises, not reported. In the service of the service of the American Corporation has refused to recognize the case of warranty.

We will remind, earlier it was reported about fire in a pocket of jeans iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone suffered from the schoolgirl, and also about the “burning” February 14 is also not without consequences for the owner of the iPhone 5c.

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