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In China fired up the plant for the production of batteries Samsung

The plant for the production of rechargeable batteries by Samsung SDI in the Chinese metropolis Tianjin was set on fire. According to news Agency Sina, the company supplied a hazardous battery for the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

According to the source, the fire at the plant in the special economic zone in the district of Wuqing broke out almost immediately after the start of the day. In extinguishing involved more than 110 firefighters and 19 pieces of equipment.

Samsung has confirmed that there was a small fire, but the flames quickly spread through the building. According to preliminary data, was caused by “production problems”.

According to specified data, as a result of incident nobody has suffered. The fire occurred in the workshop for the production of lithium batteries and their components. An official Samsung spokesperson said that the fire occurred in a warehouse where were stored defective product.

Plant specializiruetsya on the design and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, chemical current sources, as well as other devices and materials.

As noted by Sina, Samsung SDI supplied about 65% of the battery for smart phones Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Involuntary fire and even explosions, these devices are sometimes traumatized by their owners.

Samsung Note 7 went on sale in August 2016. Two months later, after multiple cases of spontaneous combustion, the company first stopped selling, and then completely ceased production and recalled the sold device.

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