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In China began selling the iPhone 8. But it’s not the smartphone that everybody was waiting for

The production of counterfeit devices in China have been put on stream. “Grey” manufacturers produce copies of a variety of devices and sell them more cheaply. This week in China discovered selling fake iPhone 8. But unlike the original Apple smartphones, those running Android.

The forgery was discovered at the store in one of the provinces of China. iPhone 8, allegedly copies the design has not yet officially presented gadget. The device is equipped with a screen “edge to edge”, a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel, and double vertical camera. The device is made of metal and even bears the Apple logo.

It is clear that the Chinese artifact cannot boast of any technical perfection or reliability, and in fact is irrelevant to this iPhone 8, a number of details which are already known. The Chinese clone running Android.

However, such devices are in demand in the Chinese market: the device looks “almost”, but are much cheaper. The similarities frequently used by scammers that sell fake guise of the original.

Apple is unlikely to sue the producers of “iPhone 8”. So local producers have time at least until the fall to sell their products.

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