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In China at Foxconn factory producing iPhone caught fire

According to Chinese sources, on Sunday at one of the factories of the company Foxconn, producing iPhone a strong fire broke out. Under threat was the production of Apple smartphones, but, fortunately, did without victims.

The fire engulfed the factory Foxconn, located in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou. Firemen managed to localize the source of fire that did not allow him to capture a large area. A preliminary investigation showed that the incident is to blame the faulty ventilation system.

In the message of the media referring to the representative of Foxconn, says that the fire started in the Central air conditioning system, as well as in a vent leading to the roof of the plant, which are derived from plant harmful substances. The statement said that as a result of incident nobody has suffered.

Currently law enforcement agencies are investigating the incident.

Case in Zhengzhou is the first of its kind – a few years ago on one of our plants in the Chinese city of Chengdu was a powerful explosion that killed three people. As we found out, his reason was the accumulation of easily ignitable dust in the ventilation system of the shop, which made polishing products. The incident resulted in Apple have lost more than 500,000 iPads.

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