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In Cannes showed the film “Departures”, entirely shot on the iPhone [video]

Among the large variety of films that are now on the 68-th Cannes film festival, it is particularly noteworthy film Departure (“Departure”). The movie was shot entirely on the iPhone.

“Departure” is a crime Thriller. The film ended a long time ago, but the creators have deliberately waited Cannes to present it during the international festival. The success of the painting will start preparing the continuation of short films.

The shooting took place in different countries and cities (Los Angeles, Paris and Belarus), but it had no effect on the budget of the movie. From shooting equipment Directors needed only the iPhone and the app FiLMiC Pro.

The authors used the best available to date, modification of the iPhone 4s. Their experience underlines that the full movie shooting is possible with the help of publicly available technologies.

In the work on the project involved three Directors: Ruben Kazantsev, the founder of the iPhone Film Festival, Maria Kuracheva from Belarus and the son of a famous American actor Louis Gossett Jr. Satie Gossett. “Departure” was shown on Russian, English and French.

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