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In Britain arrested a fraudster who tricked Apple at $ 43,000

The British Edward Hornsey quite a close relationship with technical support from Apple. Last year 24-year-old “entrepreneur” returned 51 the iPhone smartphone, and the company replaced them for brand new. The problem is that none of these phones was not his own and now Hornsey is in prison for fraud.

On the gullibility of the official Apple service centers, the Briton earned almost 30,000 pounds.

Hornsey found that a California company is not tracking how many iPhone returns every client. He decided to use in order to earn. He started buying used iPhone online, change them through Apple and sell as new. Many of these gadgets were listed as stolen.

Received from Apple smartphones Hornsey resold via the Internet. In total, the British were running an operation 51 times. In the end, one of the gadgets was on the case of a robbery and the police discovered the fraud.

“You enjoyed the service in order to “launder” stolen smartphones, ” said Royal Consul Neil Bidder a businessman before he was behind bars. – It is regarded as fraud, deception was calculated. If everyone like you were honest, thefts of smartphones would be much less”.

In the Bank account of the British police found 27 453 earned fraudulently pounds (about $43 000). Law enforcement authorities imposed a sentence of six months imprisonment.

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