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In Australia the iPhone 6s Plus have exploded in the hands of the owner at the time of delivery to the repair [video]

In Australia the user to have exploded in the hands of iPhone 6s Plus. It happened at the time when he tried to take the mobile to repair in local service center.

Discussing the video, which iPhone explodes in the hands of the Aussie, who came to take it in for repair. The man nearly lost his fingers. The incident occurred in Queensland around 11 a.m. and was captured on the camera’s internal monitoring.

It turned out that the Aussie his companion came to take the phone to a service center. He said that the iPhone had problems with the display, and it had to be replaced. Center employee did not have time to take the order, as the smartphone has exploded during the transmission of the device.

The reason, apparently, was the battery. The Australian says that has never repaired an iPhone, and use only official chargers. The user he began to notice that lately the battery of smartphone runs out of power faster than normal.

After the incident, the store had to close for the day. The smartphone is beyond repair.

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