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In Apple believe that you may have a few Apple Watch

Interested in news from the world of gadgets initially skeptical (and even sarcastic) reacted to a new feature of iOS 9.3 and 2.2 watchOS, which provides a connection to one of several iPhone Apple Watch. However, the new parts may force them to reconsider their point of view.

We are talking about a new feature called Auto Switch (“Automatic switching”). It drew the attention of the developer Nail judges, which installed fresh beta OSes on your smartphone and a pair of “smart” hours.

When you sync an iPhone with iOS 9.3 and Apple Watch watchOS 2.2 in the regular app Watch a list of the chronometers, which paired smartphone. Thanks to the Auto Switch, the phone automatically detects which instance is used at a particular moment the moment the user need to wear the watch on your wrist. Each device in the list corresponds to the thumbnail, so they are easier to distinguish from each other.

Many users wonder how to connect to your iPhone two Apple Watch. It’s simple: people can be models of smart watches on different occasions. For example, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Wear a Jogging device at a cost of $10 000, – probably not the best idea. In addition, the auto shift allows the developers easier to test the application on 38 – and 42-mm versions hours. In any case, Apple is prepared for the fact that users can be multiple instances of proprietary devices.

In the next few months it is expected the official presentation of the Apple Watch 2. But not all owners of the first model makes sense to move to a new model. Let’s face it: if you pay for the device a minimum of $350, we clearly expect to use it for more than a year.

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But some will decide to put watch for sale to acquire a second-generation model with good economy. When you consider the price reduction to the current version after the upgrade, the purchase of a second Apple Watch will be quite useful for those who want to wear watches of different colors and styles.

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