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In Android you will see another feature copied from iOS

It is no secret that the developers of modern operating systems often adopt new technologies to each other. Another example shows Google, which copied for any functions of the software platform iOS.

Android developer has decided to simplify the users life, adding Google Play Services 10.2 a new option to automatically enable tethering on smartphones. Technology called Instant Tethering is available on devices running Android Nougat 7.1.1.

Tethering is often used by owners of smartphones to connect to the Internet your laptop or tablet when not near a Wi-Fi network. After the updates of Google Play services holders “guglofonov” will be able to instantly connect gadgets. Enter some data do not need to use your Google account.

When Instant Tethering enabled, Android ties all the devices connected to your Google account. As soon as one of the gadgets is lost Internet connection, the user will have the opportunity to enable tethering on the other device, where there is access to the Internet.

“In practice, it works like this: if you have, for example, a tablet without Network access, and mobile so if both are connected to the same Google account, the tablet may begin to use a smartphone to access the Internet, — explains one of the developers. — No settings for this functionality are not required, only the original. In the future, you only need to confirm their consent to the use of Instant Tethering”.

A similar function a few years ago, Apple offered to iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is called Instant Hotspot and allows “one-click” activate tethering on the iPhone.

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Instant Hotspot is part of the functionality called Continuity, which allows Apple devices to work together. Users can dial and answer calls without touching the iPhone. Or start writing an email, edit a document or surf the Internet on one device and continue on another from the place where he stayed. To unlock your Mac without a password or turn your iPhone into a hotspot without removing the device from the bag.

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