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In a new promo video Apple described how the iMessage users save the planet [video]

22 April is international Mother Earth day (International Mother Earth Day). He proclaimed at the initiative of Bolivia at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly in 2009. In honor of this date, Apple has released a video in which talked about their achievements in the field of environmental protection.

The main purpose of Earth Day is people’s attention to the protection of nature, building people’s empathy to all living beings, responsibility towards the environment and interest in everything going on around him. In a promotional video Apple has turned to proprietary messaging service iMessage. “Each message sent out to the data center Apple, which is 100 percent provided by renewable energy,” said the company.

Today in the world there are about one billion Apple devices, and with this comes “a big responsibility”, said at the presentation in March, CEO Tim cook. Then Apple introduced the robot Liam, which quickly and effectively parses the old iPhone into components that can be reused for other products.

“We believe that innovation needs to make the world a better place than he was before us, and fight climate change you need right now, said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of environmental initiatives. — We are very pleased to be able to stimulate the development of environmental industry in the world, as well as opportunities to develop systems that are 100 percent provided by renewable energy. Our strategy of environmental responsibility favorable for the planet, for our businesses and for the economy as a whole.”

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