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In 2020 iPhone will work for the device with 5 nm process technology

The Taiwanese manufacturer of semiconductor products TSMC makes every effort to remain the sole supplier of chips for mobile devices Apple.

TSMC alone fulfills orders for production of chips for Apple starting with the A9X. Before contracts from Cupertino were divided between TSMC and Samsung, but recently the Korean manufacturer has not received orders from Apple.

According to the schedule of TSMC in the first quarter of 2019, the manufacturer will open a factory for production on the basis of a 5 nm process technology, in 2020 the plant will begin to operate at full capacity. Hundreds of engineers are already studying and develop a 3 nm process technology, and in 2022 it is planned to master the technology and production line.

Despite the dominance of TSMC to manufacture chips for Apple, Samsung refuses to fight for the orders of processors for iPhone and iPad develops and 4 nm process technology. After all, despite the fierce competition in the segment of smartphones and tablets, the semiconductor industry is a business, which brings big money. And Samsung will try not to miss additional profits.

In addition, Samsung is the sole supplier of OLED panels for iPhone X, while the quality and quantity of the displays is not able to provide any manufacturer in the world.

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