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In 2018, the users will spend more than 110 billion dollars on apps

According to a new report from App Annie, consumer spending on all mobile application stores in 2018 will exceed 110 billion US dollars. This writes TechCrunch.

Analysts App Annie say that in 2018 the cost of application will increase by 30%, compared with 2017 year. As before, most of the money consumers will spend on games. However, App Annie noted that, although games are still the most profitable category, they are catching up with the app with a subscription.

Residents of China, India and Brazil should spend the most money on apps in 2018. The report from App Annie says that the growth rate of China will “significantly outpace” the growth rates of other countries.

App Store and Google Play will improve search mechanisms that will increase the download entertainment apps. Various improvements of the stores should also lead to an increase in purchases.

Separately, the report singled out AR applications. Analysts are predicting significant growth in 2018, based on the performance of 2017.

Another category that deserves attention — streaming video services. In 2017, has seen a significant increase in their popularity and 2018 should not be an exception. Compared with the year 2016, expenditures on various video services in 2017 increased by 85% among iOS users and 70% among the owners of Android-devices. The number of consumers that use more than four streaming video services have also increased.

Previously, App Annie released a report which stated that the number of app downloads from Google Play in two times ahead of the App Store, but Apple brings in more profits. Before that, in March 2017, they predicted that in 2017, Google Play will overtake the App Store revenues.

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