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In 2018, Apple plans to release iPhone with flexible OLED display

Recently MacDigger wrote that Apple plans to get rid of the physical Home button in the next generation of its smartphone. According to Business Korea, also there is a big chance to see an iPhone with a flexible OLED panels.

Apple has already registered the patents for the design of communicators with a curved display. Of course, the fact of obtaining a patent may not be a guarantee that this gadget will ever appear on the market. But Korean journalists believe in the seriousness of the company.

“With high probability, the first iPhone with a flexible display will be presented in 2018,” writes Business Korea, noting that the leading display manufacturers are already working on flexible OLED panels for Apple.

It is easy to guess that we are talking about the companies, LG Display and Samsung Display, which supply OLED panels for smart watches Apple Watch.

Sources say LG Display plans to open for these purposes a separate line in 2017. Any parameters of new products, naturally, are not reported. Rather, it is simply an opportunity that can be implemented

Of course, LG has their own smartphones with flexible displays. Therefore, the Korean manufacturer plans can be in no way associated with Apple. But sources believe the opposite.

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