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In 2018, App Store will bring more money than the entire film industry

Senior analyst Asymco Horace Dediu has analyzed the sales of apps in the App Store for the pre-Christmas season of 2017 and came to a resounding conclusion.

According to experts, in 2018, the cumulative earnings development iOS apps will exceed the revenues of the global film industry. According to Dediu, momentum App Store for the first time on par with box office receipts of American cinemas and even slightly exceeded them in 2015. Until the moment when app developers start making more than all the global film companies, there are very little time.

The chart, compiled by Horace, shows the ratio of the volume of sales in both areas:

The interim point at which the lines intersect are likely to be in 2018.

In 2017, the fee Apple developer income reached 26.5 billion dollars, which has already exceeded the revenue of McDonald’s for the year 2016. The growth rate of income of the creators of the applications is 33%.

Horace Dediu predicts that in 2018, users will on average spend on buying apps in the App Store about $ 100 million a day — a lot of money from Google AdWords for 2012.

The application became the largest Apple and net of payments to developers has brought to the Corporation in the year 2017, more than 57 billion dollars. And if you take into account the revenues of large companies such as Amazon or Uber, which they receive with their own free apps, sales App Store will increase to $ 180 billion.

However, the costs of maintaining the Apple App Store is steadily increasing. Since mid-2011, the cost amount is growing by five billion dollars.

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Given the growing interest in the mobile industry, Horace Dediu suggests that the size of the economy iOS, including the sale of gadgets in 2019 will reach a half trillion dollars.

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