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In 2017, the iPhone, iPad and Mac will overtake the sales of the device on Windows

In the next two years Windows will become the third most common platform on the global market for computer electronics. On the second place according to the degree of implementation, ahead of Windows will be released soon on Apple and its operating systems iOS and OS X, the first of which is used in the iPhone and iPad, and the second in the Mac. Dailycomm reports about it with reference to the Gartner report.

According to analysts, shipments of devices running the operating systems of Apple and Microsoft in 2016 will be lower than in 2015. a year later, Apple has a chance to return to a positive trend, whereas at Microsoft the regress can continue.

In the extended version of the forecast which was received by the reviewers Computerworld, provides data by operating systems. In Gartner believe that Apple, including Mac, iPhone and iPad, in 2016 is almost equal in terms of shipments of Windows devices, and in the next two years will be ahead of the game.

Analysts estimate that this year will go on the market a total of 260 million different Windows devices, 12% less than in 2015. Given that the entire volume of the market of computer electronics and phones analysts estimated 2.3 billion devices, the share of Windows it will be 11.2%. Thus, the dominant platform is Android, which is used in most manufactured in the world of smartphones.

Gartner has lowered its forecast for the market in General, and for Windows-based devices compared to the previous estimate, released in March. Then the researchers predicted that the delivery of computer devices and phones this year will exceed 2.4 billion units, and the share of the Windows of this volume of 283 million units or 11.7%.

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Adjustment in the smaller party did not pass and the Apple — in comparison with the March forecast, the current less than 14%. Experts believe that in 2016 will be released 259 million devices based on OS X and iOS, which corresponds to 11.1% of the General market indicator. Compared to last year’s result at 276 million units, the degree of presence of Apple will decrease by 7%. The reason for the decline – the decline of iPhone sales, which are dominant in the range of Apple.

However, in the next year, Gartner expects the supply of Apple technology in 2017, shipments of devices based on OS X and iOS will rise by 9% to 280 million units, and in 2018 reached 290 million units. At the same Windows in 2017 and is expected to reduce supplies by another 3%, to 253 million, and in 2018 — only a half-percent rise, up to 254 million units.

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