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In 2016 the range of Bluetooth will be increased four times, the speed – twice

This week the Bluetooth Special Interest group (SIG) announced the planned improvements of the wireless data transmission interface. The organization intends to 2016 to increase the data transfer speed and range, as well as to add support for mesh topology.

Accurate technical parameters SIG does not disclose, however, according to the statement about the increase of distance communication to devices that use Bluetooth, 4 times. The current version of the standard, as we know, implies the possibility of pairing the gadgets on the limiting distance of 100 meters. In addition, the organization plans to increase the data transmission rate in 2 times without increasing the power consumption of Bluetooth modules.

An interesting innovation also looks to support cellular networks. Bluetooth devices can form a decentralized network to exchange data along the chain. This should further increase the area of reach of the individual devices.

“Bluetooth technology used by many developers and producers of devices for the Internet of things. A new functionality that we will introduce shortly, should strengthen positions Bluetooth as the underlying technology of IoT,” said Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG, mark Powell.

The concept of the Internet of Things appeared at the end of the twentieth century. Within the concept assumes that the majority used in everyday life devices integrated into a single network where all devices interact with each other and provide automation of many processes that are performed manually.

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