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In 2016, Apple will sell 245 million iPhone

On the background of the successful sales of a new line of iPhone analysts revise in a more positive side of their projections for 2016 to Apple. Analyst UBS Steve Milunovic, in particular, believes that the company sells more than 245 million smartphones in the next financial year against 229 million a year earlier. Previous expert forecast was more conservative and included the result in the range of 232 million iPhones.

As for the upcoming holiday season, according to the analyst, the number sold during this period communicators will exceed 60 million Milunovic notes that predict performance on the next generation iPhone 6s is quite difficult, given the high interest, which was observed at the exit of the current version of the iPhone 6.

The expert believes that the iPhone 6s will have 70 to 75% of the total volume of sales of new smartphones Apple, while the iPhone 6s Plus will be left with the remaining 25-30%. He drew attention to the fact that about two thirds of sales provide existing iPhone users who upgrade their devices. Since Apple claims that 73% of owners of vehicles have not purchased the latest generation iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Mulanovich sees great potential for further sales growth.

“Our previous estimate for the 2016 financial year included a 25 percent reduction of sales AIDS for new users, to 53 million units. Now, however, we consider such a decline is too sharp, and we believe that due to the success in China, sales to new users is reduced by 13% to 62 million units,” – said in the research note.

According to the specialist, in fiscal year 2014, new users have provided 37% of total sales of smartphones Apple. In 2015 fingado figure drops to 31%, and in 2016 fingado up to 25%.

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