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In 2015, the number of iPhone users will exceed half a billion

Despite the slowdown of the global smartphone market, Apple will be able to gain a foothold in the segment of high-end vehicles worth over $400, experts predict. As follows from the analytical notes Canaccord Genuity, excerpts of which results in the publication Dailycomm, currently the share of iPhone among similar devices premium category is about 45%. Experts believe that due to the recently introduced updated models of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus equity index Apple by the end of 2015 may exceed 50%.

Everything goes to the fact that this year the global iPhone user base has increased by 100 million and reach more than 500 million people. According to estimates Canaccord Genuity, last year this indicator was at the level of 402.1 million users. Growth is expected due to the active transition on iOS those who use smartphones running the Android OS.

It is also assumed that the high demand and the existing fans of “Apple” brand decided to upgrade their smartphones to the latest version. In July, CEO Tim cook said that only 27% of iPhone users possess the latest generation gadget.

Experts believe that iPhone owners will be more willing and more likely to update their smartphones thanks to the iPhone Upgrade, Apple introduced in the U.S. this year. In fact, the company offers the devices in installments: monthly payment from $32,41 to $44,91 depending on the memory size and model, the user gets the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. The program lasts for two years, but after the first will swap out the unit to the new model that Apple will release.

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However, to upgrade your device every year is optional. Users can pay for an iPhone for two years and become its rightful owner, without falling into dependence on mobile operators who also subsidize the purchase of “Apple” of smartphones, but in terms of signing a two-year contract for communications services.

According to Canaccord Genuity, Apple takes away almost all the profits in the mobile industry. Experts estimate that in the first quarter of 2015, Apple has received 92% of operating profit in the world market of communicators vs. 65% a year earlier. The share of nearest rival Samsung was 15%. The overall result of the two vendors has exceeded 100%, as other producers worked on the level of profitability or loss.

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