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In 10 years Apple sold the iPhone at 760 billion dollars

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, over the past 10 years, Apple has sold 1.2 billion iPhone totaling 760 billion dollars.

In the period from the second quarter of 2007 to the second quarter of 2017, Apple sold 1.2 billion iPhone. This is the most popular consumer electronic device in the world and in history.

“Revenue continues to grow and we expect that by the end of 2018, iPhone will be the first smartphone in the world, whose sales will reach one trillion dollars,” — says research Director of Strategy Analytics Ken Hyers.

Senior analyst at research firm Iven Wu added that the iPhone remains the most popular smartphone in the world, except India and China where leaders of cheaper Chinese smartphones. The best-selling smartphone analysts have called the iPhone 7.

12 September Apple will introduce the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus X. With their help the volume of all iPhone sales likely will exceed one trillion dollars.

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