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iMyfone Umate: how to quickly clean your iPhone and iPad from garbage

You know what the main difference between the old iPhone (iPad, iPod, whatever) from the new? No, not the cracked screen, not in a shabby back panel and not even in the headphones and the charger, which after a couple of months turned into tripe. The main difference is the clutter. During the six months of his life i did not actively litter itself, that’s amazing; a year and not once sversheny phone will turn into a crawling turtle. What to do with it? Well, there are many options to clean your phone, bypassing the barbed wire, placed by Apple engineers. One of the surest options to run iMyfone Umate.

The program works on the principle of “cut off all superfluous”. You are downloading the software on your MacBook or Windows computer, click on the icon and, in General, all. The program will detect your device, then prompts you to clean the device. Settle in for several minutes iMyfone Umate unload from your phone a couple gigabytes of unnecessary information; sometimes more. Just like that. To the question about security on your computer is automatically sent to backup, so do not be afraid for the safety of the data: even if iMyfone Umate will erase something important, you can always return the data in place.

The authors of the program assure that iMyfone Umate owns 25 ways to clean memory, designed for the removal of 30 unnecessary types of data. In this is worth believe. In addition – with the help of the program you can neutralize one of the most resource-intensive queries phone: photos. The program can resize the images by 75% with minimal loss of quality.

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Of course, iMyfone Umate is not a panacea. It will not turn your 8-Gigabyte device 64 and are unlikely to allow packs to be downloaded to the device HD-movies. But the program would significantly help and get my phone all that you can.

I iMyfone Umate have the free version, you can download it on the official website. While you can use the trial software will let you several times (and different methods) will clear the device, so that you understand how it all works – and are you satisfied with. The full version costs $19,95.

Download iMyfone Umate on Mac and Windows here.

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