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iMyFone D-Port: how to do backups

Our mobile – store all kinds of data. Sometimes fatal: gallery Nude selfie and a long list of contacts, p(R)apadi into the wrong hands, greatly complicate our lives. Therefore, the data must be made know, of course, all. But here’s the problem: more knowledge is usually nothing extends, and in that moment when the phone dives to the bottom of, say, a pool, before the eyes of flies of all life – there are so many data… to avoid trouble, let’s look at the program iMyFone D-Port, which is designed to help avoid such tragedies.

Just iMyFone D-Port is able to “back up” information in three ways – about all you most likely heard, but the program makes them much easier. So, what we have: backup by copying from phone to computer and Vice versa, via iTunes and via iCloud. To use any method, just click on a few buttons. Let’s say you want to back up your data using iCloud – include iMyFone D-Port, connect phone, go into your account, click the button, all is well. Than this method differs from the usual? First, the program will make a “restore point”, even if your device is not so good. Second, it is possible to reserve only a portion of the selected file.

This is a very important feature – it saves time and space. For example, you don’t need to back up everything – you just want to keep a collection or logs in “Watape”. No problem – just checking the content that needs to get a safe “refuge”, iMyFone D-Port will begin. Don’t worry about formats – the program supports all. “To recover” from such points to be exactly the same as they were created – two taps.

In General, iMyFone D-Port is made deliberately simple, its interface is an ode to minimalism and a celebration of free space everywhere. Naturally, the three buttons in the left row, each of which breaks up another couple of branches – that’s the whole story. No problems when handling it be sure not be.

iMyFone D-Port is as in the version for Windows and macOS. There are trial – trial version and a full that are now available in stock for $19.95 instead of $54,95. Many, but perhaps the contents of your phone is more expensive, isn’t it?

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