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Impressive examples of photos with bokeh effect taken with the iPhone 7 Plus

On Monday, a month after the release of the first beta version of iOS 10.1, Apple has released the final version of the firmware where there are new photographic opportunities for the iPhone 7 Plus. We are talking about a new shooting mode is “Portrait”.

After installing iOS 10.1 everyone had the opportunity to use a special photo mode and many have already managed to test the camera capabilities of the iPhone 7 Plus. His work showed a photographer with 40 years of experience, Gary Yost.

Pictures taken with the iPhone 7 Plus have a shallow depth of field — so that the object in the foreground is filmed clearly, and the background is blurred. The result is reminiscent of the photos taken SLR camera.

Previously already released some smartphone models, which tried to imitate this effect using various tricks, often the second camera to determine the depth sharply displayed space. However, to achieve “bokeh”, the device must be equipped with a high quality camera with a wide angle lens.

Portrait mode in iPhone 7 Plus uses a 56-mm lens to capture the image and wide-angle 28-mm lens to create a depth map of the scene. Camera analyses the scene and create 9 layers of depth, automatically detecting the edges of objects. Using the difference in images from two cameras, the iPhone separates main image from its background, creating a blur effect. The photographer can see the preview of the resulting blur in real time.

Despite the release of the final version of iOS 10.1, mode portraiture is still in beta and will be further developed. As Apple notes that more photos will be processed using portrait mode, the smarter it will become.

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