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Impressive examples of photos taken with the iPhone camera SE

Despite the popularity of smartphones with larger screen sizes, Apple is sure that the buyers continue to demand compact models. Just need to equip them with the most advanced filling. New iPhone SE was exactly that – a small smartphone with flagship processor and Apple’s high-end camera with support for 4K video recording

SE the new iPhone Apple has managed to improve the main camera. Now its resolution is 12 megapixels, pixel size of 1.22 microns and a diaphragm f/2,2. To prevent noise from parasitic exposure when reducing the size of subpixels Apple used the technology of their isolation from each other. The iPhone camera SE is equipped with special image processor, a technology configuration of the pixels, Focus Pixels, tonal compression and a system of optical stabilization.

Journalists who managed to test the iPhone SE, unanimously praised the quality of the recording. Might seem like a joke comparing the gadget with “SLR”. Say, the size of the matrix and the optics are weak. But not so simple. For example, Benjamin Lowy, a photographer for Time magazine, says an excellent color balance and detail of the photographs taken with the iPhone, which, in his words, “reproduce the tonality of RAW files”.

According to iPhone Explorer SE you can only purchase because of the possibility of shooting video in 4K. The beauty of Apple’s A9 processor is when you know that you can cut these huge video files in real time or zoom in the video four times, getting a clear picture in 1080p”.

MacDigger offers a few test photos that demonstrate the capabilities of the camera of the new iPhone. By clicking on the thumbs opens the big picture. Everything posted below is the original photos taken on the iPhone SE.

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