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IMEI-Server service for unlock iPhone

As you know, Apple in many countries of the world is selling smartphones that support only one operator. But what if you are the owner of iPhone contract or you have the option to buy locked smartphone at an attractive price? Do not hurry to get upset and abandon the device! There’s always a way, and specifically in this case, you will help specialized service to unlock iPhone.

For a start let us have a closer look at what is unlocking iPhone. The same operation is called “unlock” (unlock). Again, that the Apple’s smartphones are often sold with reference to a specific cellular operator. Information about locked phones are stored in the database of Apple, which contain special international ID, he same IMEI.

The unlock iPhone can be done in several ways. First — software. It is performed using special tools, parentrow built-in module of modem. But this method has lost its relevance.

Another way to unlock the iPhone to date involves the acquisition card Multi Sim, Gevey Sim or a variety of adapters for SIM cards, which transmit radio smartphone false information.

Both of these methods are not suitable for everyone, unlike the most popular — official unlock by IMEI. To carry out iPhone unlocking so you can use the service To do this you must follow a few simple steps.

1. Select operator, which is locked your iPhone, finding it in the list of operators that are available on the website.

2. Provide IMEI blocked device. To know your IMEI in menu Settings -> General -> About this device or to find the code on the back surface of the iPhone.
To place an order.

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3. Wait for the successful completion of the unlocking process, after receiving the notification e-mail.
After that you can activate iPhone with any SIM card, update official firmware and use it at your pleasure! Contract your smartphone will turn into a so-called sim-free iPhone.

Make sure that before you start the process of unlocking your iPhone is the pure OS and no jailbreak. The easiest way to do this is to manually update your iOS using iTunes.

Resource will also help in case you are not able to regain access to your Apple ID or want to completely dissociate from the account profile iCloud.

I should add that in addition to the iPhone, the service supports unlocking of smartphones.

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