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iMazing 2: an app that quickly and effectively get rid of iTunes-based [+10 promo]

Announced back in 2001 at Macworld Expo player iTunes revolutionized the way of communication between gadgets. The original program has played a key role in the success of the iPod. Since then 16 years have passed and the tool simple and easy to learn and use the player turned into a true multimedia processor, which discourages users due to the complexity of its functions and interface.

There are several ways to transfer file from iPhone and iPad to PC. To transfer any information from your smartphone and tablet to computer and Vice versa through third-party software.

The company offers DigiDNA iMazing app 2, with which you can transfer data to iOS devices without connecting to a Mac or PC. It is a powerful and flexible tool to copy and save music, messages, files, and data. In addition, the utility allows you to backup iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. According to the developers, iMazing 2 is able to completely relieve the user from having to launch iTunes.

“Proven tool to transfer and save music, messages, files, and data. Back up iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Powerful and easy to learn, iMazing is the best software for managing iOS devices for Mac and PC. It’s more than iTunes. It’s iMazing,” say the developers.

In iMazing 2, available in free and paid versions, is a function of data transfer via Wi-Fi and the ability to work with multiple iPhone and iPad. The utility allows you to know detailed information about your device including battery level and supports the function for fast viewing of content. The program shows messages, photos, call history and other data and allows you to create backups.

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The free version of iMazing 2 offers unlimited content transfer to a computer via wifi or USB and gives access to the iOS file system and photos. It also allows to convert iPhone and iPad into a portable USB drive.

In the paid version iMazing 2 more opportunities. After the purchase of the utility on the computer are allowed to transfer music, videos, contacts, call history and even text messages.

Cost 2 iMazing for Mac and PC is $29.99. Download the trial version of the program for free on the developers website.

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