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Imagination Technologies has put itself for sale after the decision of Apple to develop their own GPU

In April of this year, Imagination Technologies, graphics solutions which are used in the iPhone and iPad, reported less than 2 years, Apple will completely abandon its licensing developments. The announcement led to a sharp drop in the shares of the company, which last years supplied the GPU for mobile devices on iOS. Royalty payments by Apple make up more than half the annual income of the Imagination.

In early may, the information appeared that Imagination Technologies has decided to sue Apple and to sell some of their units, in particular IMGworks to stay afloat.

Today, Imagination Technologies has officially confirmed the intention to sell all of its assets to a new owner. The statement said that the company has received several offers in recent weeks, starting negotiations with potential buyers. One of the likely buyers of the company in the past called itself Apple.

Earlier in Cupertino has confirmed that work on its own graphics architecture and don’t need any more technology from Imagination Technologies. Own graphics company can find application in the Apple A12.

In Imagination Technologies have stated that doubt the ability of Apple to abandon their technology without violating patents. Anyway, if the company fulfilled, then iPhone and iPad production in 2018 will use hybrid processors A-series with the CPU and GPU modules from Apple. This will increase performance and reduce power consumption gadgets.

iPhone 7 based on the chip Apple Fusion A10 4-core processor, which Apple switched to the new architecture cores. Two cores need to operate at peak performance and two save battery power. The GPU platform is a modified chip PowerVR GT760 of the iPhone 6s, it is faster than the one that was in the Apple A9.

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